Welcome to Bamra Trust Fund College

Established in the year 1983 as an infant institution by the local well-wishers to cater to the needs of higher education, Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra has passed through a long period of success in the midst of struggle to grow up into an adolescent institution at present. Striving incessantly to inculcate the culture of a well-disciplined life and imbibing the values of hard work and inquisitiveness amongst the teen age students, this ever-growing institution is making rapid strides towards its all round development in infrastructure, staff position, students pass out rate, extra-curricular achievements and a lot others to attract the attention of the young and the old alike. Satisfying the thirst for higher education of the tribal and the economically most disadvantaged students in this tribal dominated area, this ever-dreaming institution goes on visualizing the glorious future for the immensely talented aspiring youths to build up a dynamic personality so as to reach the lofty heights in their careers. The function of IGNOU and the grants from UGC have added a new dimension to usher in a new era of progress and achievement not only in the field of acquiring knowledge but also in the field of putting the knowledge into practice.

However, a lot remains to be done till now. No institution ever is problem free in this entire world. The adolescent institution seeks helping hands from all quarters to make its path of success embedded with flowers. Whole-hearted cooperation from the enthusiastic students and cognitive support from the guardians and well-wishers can go a long way in materializing the ever-cherished goals of the alma-mater.

Let us come together and work together. We will build up a good academic atmosphere and strive for all-round developments so as to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of the great dreamers’ who dreamt at the dawn of the alma-mater.

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